Hybrid Basketry at Origin

A basket is a bowl is a hat is a ball is a bird is a cage is a bin is a basket…

Working with the idea that you can weave a basket with almost anything and in so many different ways, Shane Waltener is to lead an interactive project at Origin this coming October at Somerset House, London. Visitors will have an opportunity to customise basketware and contribute to a woven sculptural installation. Basketry items will be stripped, transformed, passed on to others, and incorporated into the ever growing display in the Crafting Space at the fair. Salvaged basketware will include domestic items and a variety of materials ranging from natural fibres to plastics.

The installation will blend the sculptural with the functional. Various techniques of weaving, knotting, stitching, plaiting and netting will be introduced on a daily basis, establishing connections between a number of applied arts traditions and basketry. The communal making and time spent weaving is to prompt a renewed engagement and enthusiasm for the broader aspects of this under-represented craft, and making in general.

For more information on the event, please visit the following link, or read the following article.

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